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BasicAI AGI Seminar
Starting September 2017


BasicAI will be running a (free) online seminar on the topic of artificial general intelligence. The goal is both to bring newcomers up to speed on AGI and to provide a place for researchers working on AGI to exchange ideas.

The seminar will start out as a once-a-week "lecture style" presentation (with room for Q&A and discussion). The format is likely to evolve over time, depending on the background and interests of participants.

We will concentrate on technical material relevant to AGI (including various topics from AI, cognitive science, and linguistics), as well as the big picture of AGI: what it requires, why it's such a tricky problem, etc.

Target audience

(1) Anyone interested in getting into AGI research (or already involved in it). (2) Anyone who wants a deeper technical understanding of the problem.

All educational/career levels are welcome, from advanced/ambitious high school students to professional researchers. The initial sessions will start off assuming no knowledge of AI (only that you know how to program and understand what a mathematical proof is).


In keeping with BasicAI's research philosophy and the theme of artificial general intelligence, our focus will be on reasoning, language, knowledge, and learning—as exhibited both by computers and by humans. Topics to be addressed include:

  • Overview of AGI
  • Cognitive architecture
  • Automated reasoning (i.e. with formal logic)
  • Human reasoning
  • Semantics
  • Symbol grounding
  • Induction and learning from experience

The current (rough) plan is below:

  • Session 1. Overview of AGI; introduction to formal logic.
  • Session 2. Deductive systems; natural deduction; applications of logic.
  • Session 3. Situation/event calculi; modal logic.
  • Subsequent sessions. TBD

Sean Markan will be the presenter for the first three sessions.

Dates, times, and logistics

We will start in the second half of September 2017. The day and time will be determined based on popular demand; there is a box in the signup form to enter your preferences. The duration will be around an hour. Schedule details will be firmed up by late August.

Meetings will be held on one of the chat/videoconferencing platforms such as Discord or GoToWebinar.