What is human-level AI?

Human-level artificial intelligence means computers that can think like people—not unlike the robots portrayed in film and television. Human-level AI has the potential to make human society much more productive, just as the industrial revolution did. Our long-term mission is to develop HLAI and ensure that it is beneficial for everyone. To read more about why HLAI matters, visit The case for AGI.

The need for a new approach

HLAI has been a longstanding goal of AI research, and most researchers agree that it is possible in principle. But progress has been slow. We believe the cause is that most AI research is aimed at trend-chasing and near-term applications. A problem as hard as HLAI demands a longer-term perspective.

BasicAI has a long-term strategy which takes into account both the progress so far in AI as well as the need to do something genuinely new. Among other things, we believe it's time to take a much closer look at human cognition than AI has traditionally done.

Visit our Strategy and Publications pages to learn more about our approach to HLAI research.

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